SMARTCap: ROCKR Plates Hands-On Review, Zwift Acquires MileStone Sports, and Is Zwift Building New Course?

Wow! One day left in June and the summer is passing us by fast. June is usually a slow month for the indoor training industry in general but we’ve seen a lot of news and few updates from the big software companies. Next month is Eurobike and we will be seeing some new trainer announcements and new products so hold on to your wallets for few more weeks.

Looks like Zwift is building a new course. For a few months now, rumors have been swirling around about Zwift building a course based on New York’s Central Park and yesterday, Mark Cavendish tweeted a teaser of what it looks like Central Park. Now, Central Park is the ultimate runner’s dream. A full loop through Central Park is nearly 6.1 miles and runs along the Park Drives on the West and East sides using the various transverses to cut across the park.

My speculations – only speculations – is Zwift will release that sometimes in the Fall and possibly around New York City Marathon which is on November 4th. Zwift has been trying to lure runners into their platform and this would be the perfect opportunity and perfect course. Plus Zwift is already planning on releasing the 2018 UCI Road World Championships course in Innsbruck in August and they usually take three to four months before releasing a new course update.

Enough with rumors and speculations and let’s get to what actually happened in the month of June:




  • China-made GPS units will be hit with 25% tariff starting next month: We will see what kind of impact this will have on GPS cycling units, in particular, Wahoo ELEMNT and ELEMNT Bolt. There are ways companies can avoid these tariffs and we will see if Wahoo can work with their GPS suppliers to avoid paying these tariffs.
  • Wahoo ELEMNT New Colors: Wahoo released a limited edition of their ELEMNT Bolt in red and yellow.
  • Wahoo ELEMNT Firmware update: Wahoo released a new firmware update to fix various issues with power reading from Favero Assioma, Powertap Hub, Garmin Vector calibration issues and some other minor fixes.
  • CABLEConfig App 1.2.3 with Firmware Version 1.8.0: This will especially help with those Zwift Running users that have been having issues with their footpod going at incorrect speeds. You can update your CABLE device via CABLE Config app.
  • Copenhagenize your city: The case for urban cycling in 12 graphs: Danish-Canadian urban designer Mikael Colville-Andersen busts some common myths and shows how the bicycle has the potential to transform cities around the world

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