I am not used to introducing new bike trainers at this time of the year. However, Tacx and Elite have been quietly working behind the scene on a number of trainers that we are seeing now. After yesterday’s NEO 2 announcement, today Elite announced the Elite Zumo and Ray Maker broke that story again in his annual trainers recommendation guide.

The Zumo will be available at select online retails and you can pre-order yours today for $699


Zumo power reading accuracy is +/- 3%.  Unlike the Direto which has an integrated OTS (Optical Torque Sensor) power meter, Zumo uses its algorithms to calculate the power.

There is also a new feature with Zumo called Power Meter Link. This function allows Zumo to search and pair to the closest powermeter and uses it as the power source. Once it finds a powermeter, Zumo saves the serial number and pairs automatically to it for all subsequent training sessions.

Another feature with Zumo is the “temperature compensation”. It allows ZUMO to improve the accuracy and adjusting the brake to compensate for temperature changes.

I will have more information on the Elite Zumo and a full review as soon as they are available in the U.S. so make sure you subscribe to this blog and my YouYube channel.


  • Interactive ANT+ FE-C & Bluetooth FTMS
  • Flywheel: 9.25 lbs/4.2 kg
  • Calculated power accuracy reading 3%
  • Max slope simulation 12%
  • 1,100W @ 40 km/h; 1,800W @ 60km/h
  • Compatible hubs QR 130-135x5mm and Thru Axle 142x12mm

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