The Italian company Elite introduced three new products at Eurobike: Drivo II, NERO, and FUORIPISTA.  That last one will cost you more than your fancy carbon fiber bike with fancy wheels but let’s get to the details of the products for the masses first.


The DRIVO II is an update to their DRIVO direct drive trainer. The update includes:

  • Better Accuracy: Drivo II’s comes with an OTS (Optical Torque Sensor). This sensor measures power output with an unprecedented +/- 0.5% accuracy making Drivo II the most accurate home trainer ever released to the public.
  • More Stable: The Drivo II’s extended feet give the Drivo II a wider stand and more stability than its predecessor.
  • Faster Response Time: The Drivo II changes resistance almost 3-time faster than the original DRIVO.
  • Black: Elite went with a black color instead of white. This is definitely a winner. Would’ve been a big winner if it was in matte black though.

The Drivo II will be available in late summer or early fall and retails for $1,300 USD.


The NERO is an update to Elite’s Quick-Motion roller, they made it black and interactive. It can simulate slopes up to 7% and it is Smart Bluetooth, FTMS, and ANT+ FE-C compatible. It will interact with all kind of apps including Zwift, TrainerRoad, The Sufferfest, and any app that support these protocols.

Elite implemented two flywheels (2.7kg each) in the rear rollers to give you better road feel and pedal roundness. The NERO also has a floating base to absorb abrupt movements and makes it easier to ride especially for beginners.

I have no information on pricing and availability of the NERO. I reached out to Elite and hope to have that information soon.


This is more of a concept smart bike form Elite but it’s almost ready for production. It is fully smart and compatible with Zwift and other applications that support ANT+ FE-C or Smart Bluetooth. You can ride it in ERG mode or sim mode. The bike is really impressive and looks beautiful. If you are disappointed with the current design of trainer and stationary bikes, this bike might be for you if you have $16,000 to spend.

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