Next time you encounter a login or connectivity issues with Zwift, you can check Zwift’s status in real-time. Zwift today started providing a real-time status of the following online services:

  • Login Status: this provides the status of any login issues such as logins to Zwift,, or Zwift Mobile Link app
  • Ride Status: this provides the status of free riding in Zwift worlds
  • Events: provides status for in-game signups, and any issues pertaining to joining or participating in online events.
  • Workouts: provides the status of in-game workout activities and plans.
  • Partner Connections: this provides the status of all 3rd party connections such as Strava, TrainingPeaks, Garmin, etc.

Also, you can see all incidents logged. For example, today many reported login issues with Zwift. In the incidents section, you will see what’s being investigated, their findings, what’s being done to resolve the issue and a resolution.

With Zwift’s recent price increase and rising popularity of Zwift, this has been a hot topic. Cyclists seem to have a short temper and quickly take their complaints to social media when they are having trouble login into Zwift. With this real-time status, users should be able to just go to Zwift’s status site to start their troubleshooting.


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