In years past, I’ve followed Black Friday deals on smart trainers. However, 2020 isn’t your normal year and smart trainer deals are hard to come by. Heck, trainers are hard to come by. So instead, I am listing trainers that are in stock in the U.S. (scroll down and you should see a table with a listing of smart trainers). If I find any deal – some did go on sale – I will post it here as well under trainer deals, so keep on checking.

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Wahoo KICKR V5$1,20020% OFFThe KICKR v5 has been my main trainer this year and has been rock solid. Accurate, quiet, and just works. See my review here.
Wahoo KICKR CORE$90020% OFFPowerful trainer at a great price. See my review here.
Wahoo KICKR SNAP$50020% OFFIf you are looking for a wheel-on trainer, the SNAP leads the way with its accuracy, and a great ride feel. See my review here.
Tacx NEO 2T$1,40020% OFFThe NEO is known for its accuracy, auto-calibration, ERG mode, and quietness. Even though we didn’t see a new NEO last year, it’s still the most powerful trainer and years ahead of the competition. See my review here.
SARIS H3$1,00020% OFFThe H3 is a solid trainer all around. If you want to keep it under $1,000, this is my pick. See my review here.
Tacx Flux 2$90020% OFFGood trainer at this price level. See my review here.
Tacx Flux S$74920% OFFNot as powerful as the Flux 2 but not a bad trainer at this price. See my review here.
Direto XRElite Direto XR$1,00020% OFFThe Direto is known for its power accuracy and the XR is no exception. See my review here.
Elite Suito$80020% OFFIf you are looking for a budget-friendly direct drive trainer, no other trainer can beat the Elite Suito.
Elite TUO$58020% OFFGood accuracy, and great road feel. See my review here.


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