Zwift today unveiled steering functionality under the new FutureWorks brand, and opened the roads on its latest course, Yorkshire – based on the UCI Road World Championships finishing circuit in Harrogate.

Debuting at Eurobike, and due to be released to the public in the coming weeks, steering is the first innovation to roll out under the FutureWorks label. Moving forward, FutureWorks will be used to introduce new innovations from the Zwift brand which it will pitch to the Zwift community for research and development. Feedback taken from the community on these new products will ultimately shape the final variation.

“The teams here at Zwift have so many innovative ideas, but Zwifters have historically only been able to try those that have gone through a lengthy development process.” Comments Eric Min, Zwift CEO and Co-Founder. “FutureWorks will allow us to deliver more of these ideas at a concept phase – allowing Zwifters to give us their direct feedback on what they want to see more of. This is a means of giving the community more of a voice on what they wish to see added in the game.”

Zwift’s new steering test segment can be found in Titan’s Grove on Watopia, the island’s latest course expansion, and has been designed purely with fun in mind. When riding through Titan’s Grove, Zwifters will receive a prompt on screen as they approach the steering segment, asking whether they would like to test steering. Once the steering option is selected, Zwifters will then be transported to the start of the new trail.

Upon start of the trail, Zwifters are given direction on how to enable steering. Steering is controlled using Zwift’s companion app, available on iOS and Android. Simply mount the phone to your handlebars using a phone mount such as the​ iOmount Covert​. The Companion App is then able to use the accelerometers in the phone to sense movement as the bars are turned left and right – controlling your avatar on screen.

UCI Road World Championships Course

Also debuting at Eurobike this year is Zwift’s latest UCI Road World Championships Course, Yorkshire. The Yorkshire course is based on the finishing circuit in the town of Harrogate, where every championship race during World’s week will finish. The course will be released to the public in the coming days.

Zwift’s game team have taken gpx file data and outdoor ride data to not only accurately track the route, but also to replicate the same gradients the professionals will face on race day.

As with Innsbruck, Zwift’s creative teams have taken inspiration not only from Harrogate, but also from the surrounding areas of cycling crazy Yorkshire. Once again, Zwifters can expect to see some landmarks pulled in closer to the circuit, including Zwift’s own Draft House.  

Full Course Details:

The official circuit of the 2019 UCI World Championships. 
Distance: 13.8 km // 8.6 mi
Elevation: 245 m // 804 ft

A clockwise trip around the northern, flatter part of the Harrogate Circuit. This route hits the shorter, faster sprint portion.
Distance: 10.7 km // 6.6 mi
Elevation: 204 m // 669.3 ft

A counterclockwise trip around the northern, flatter part of the Harrogate Circuit. This is where you put the hammer down and hit the sprints. 
Distance: 5.7 km // 3.5 mi
Elevation: 82 m // 269 ft

Ride the southern part of the Harrogate Circuit in reverse. Lots of hills await you here. You may need some of the Tewit Well’s famed restorative waters after tackling this route.
Distance: 10.7 km // 6.6 mi
Elevation: 204 m // 669.3 ft

Tackle every challenging section of the undulating Harrogate Circuit in both directions. It will take more than a sip of Yorkshire’s chalybeate waters to refresh your legs after this.
Distance: 27.5 km // 17.1 mi
Elevation: 490 m // 1,607.6 ft

Harrogate Circuit Reverse – Events Only
Take the official circuit of the 2019 UCI World Championships. Now put it in reverse. 
Distance: 13.7 km // 8.5 mi
Elevation: 245 m // 803.8 ft

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