Zwift released a number of updates yesterday and today. Let’s start with the Zwift portal which you can access at

Similar to the Zwift Companion app, once you login to your account, you will see your activity feed as well as your stats for Zwift cycling and running.

You can view activities for everyone you follow, favorites, or just filter by your own activities. If you click on any activity you will see a full map of your ride or run, as well as power, speed, heart rate, cadence, and other data. You can toggle any of these metrics on or off by clicking on each of the metrics box below the timeline graph.

As you hover over the timeline graph, you can view additional stats such as slope and time from your activity.

As you scroll down the page, you can view additional stats such as power and heart rate distribution.

You can also view a full detailed report of your ride as well as screenshots


Richmond course received a full refresh. The course is still the same course you know but it received a full makeover with a ton more details. Zwift also added the ability to do u-turn on the Richmond course.

If you are eager to check out the new Richmond course, you can do that today or tomorrow (Saturday). Actually, Richmond got more days in February than probably all of last year. So if you miss it this weekend, you will have more chances to check it out. The following are the days Richmod course is available to ride:

  • February 7-8
  • February 16-17
  • February 21-22


  • Improved distance countdown calculations during events
  • Fix for the wrong segment leaderboard sometimes appearing when entering a segment
  • Additional running workouts, plus the ability to have run workouts based on time instead of distance (note: importing workouts in this format from Training Peaks is not available yet)
  • Fixed race results for run events being inaccurate for late joining users
  • Fixed edge case where Alpe segments would not properly award a powerup
  • Enabled Road Feel for Tacx Neo bike over ANT+
  • Android now supports video playback, for Crit City ‘video walls’
  • Various other bug fixes

Zwift also added more engineers to their team, so hopefully, we will see faster updates and bug fixes in the near future.

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