RGT Cycling is a virtual cycling reality app available for Windows, Mac, and Apple TV. It’s used in conjunction with their RGT mobile app available for iOS and Android. In this video, I dig deeper into the app and all the new features available in their premium subscription.

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  • I cancelled my Zwift membership about a month ago. I was mainly using it for workouts but decided to do my own workouts with my Garmin controlling my Tacx. I found Zwift a bit gimmicky & really do not like the gaming aspect to it.

    I have been using RGT for a few weeks now & like it. Initially had a lot of Wi-Fi issues but have resolved this however the do find the Apple TV app crashes too frequently. I like the sound of magic roads & the workout feature but the premium subscription is too expensive. They need to undercut Zwift to increase the number of users. Shows a lot of promise.