Zwift today released their December update which includes a number of updates to Watopia, a new graphic resolution for the new Apple M1, and some fixes.

The new update is available now for PC. Apple OS, Apple TV, and Android will be available soon.

New Watopia Routes:

Zwift added four new routes to Watopia world. You will be able to see and select these routes from the route menu after you go through the pairing screen.

Serpentine 8 – A winding jungle path dedicated to an ancient deity. This route is 19.3km/12.0mi with an elevation gain of 205.7m/675ft.

Beach Island Loop – A brisk loop around the Beach Island. This route is 12.7km/7.9mi with an elevation gain of 47.85m/157ft.

Two Bridges Loop – A tight, scenic loop featuring the Italian villa and two bridges. This route is 6.8km/4.2mi with an elevation gain of 79.9m/262ft.

Ocean Lava Cliffside Loop – Explore beaches, volcanoes and a precarious cliffside. This route is 19.0km/11.8mi with an elevation gain of 155.8m/511ft.


Next week you should start seeing new run pace partners. Just like the pace partners in cycling, the run pace partners will be available in Watopia only and will have four different pace categories (A to D):

  • Alton Able is an A category runner who will keep a spirited pace of 14.6kph/9.1mph (4:07/km, 6:36/mi) around the Dust in the Wind route.
  • Billie Benoit is a B category runner and loves the Big Loop route, targeting a speed of 11.9kph/7.4mph (05:03/km, 08:06/mi).
  • Cara Cadence is a C category runner holding a speed of 9kph/5.6mph (06:40/km, 10:43/mi) around the Sands & Sequoias route.
  • Dax Diesel is a D category runner who feels most at home on Jon’s Route at a conversational 7.2kph/4.5mph (08:20/km, 13:24/mi).

Zwift also updated the Game Resolution for the new Apple M1 PCs. You should now see an Ultra 1440 option under Settings > Game Resolution.

With this resolution and laptop plugged into power, I was getting an average of 52 frames per second (FPS) and running in high profile. I was also getting high profile running on battery and regardless of which battery saver option I selected.  Also, if you are interested to see how the new M1 performs with Zwift, here is a full video I made comparing the MacBook Pro Intel 2020 version vs the New M1 MacBook Pro. Enjoy!

Thanks for reading!

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  • There were graphic performance updates as well. With the latest update, Zwift is running around 120-200 FPS at 4k on PC.

  • Just did the serpentine 8 route, some graphic bugs to work out. I found it to be a cool route but the speed was really slow, I wonder if it being comprised of a lot of gravel and rough roads have a virtual effect?