Zwift on Apple TV is an affordable and easy way to jump on the virtual cycling platform. It was released last week and is available to download now. I had a chance to use it for riding using multiple trainers and running as well. If you have already downloaded the app and started using it, or thinking about investing in a new Apple TV to enjoy Zwift on the big screen and run into issues, please take a look at the following FAQs.

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Here Are The Top Frequently Asked Questions:

What do I need to start using Zwift on Apple TV?
A smart trainer, classic trainer, rollers or an indoor bike. Zwift on Apple TV supports many trainers from different brands. You can find a full list of supported trainers here.
Do I need to have a smart trainer to use Zwift on Apple TV?
No, you don’t. You can use a classic trainer with Zwift on Apple TV. You just need a Bluetooth speed and cadence sensor. You can see a list of supported classic trainers here.
Which Apple TV model do I need to run Zwift?
Zwift app is compatible with the latest Apple TV 4K or 4th generation. A 32 GB is more the sufficient to run Zwift.
How can I connect my trainer to Zwift on Apple TV?
Apple TV requires Bluetooth connection. Your smart trainer, heart rate monitor, powermeter, and speed and cadence sensor need to be Bluetooth compatible. If you purchased your smart trainer in the past two years, it’s most likely Bluetooth compatible.

You can also use an ANT+ to Bluetooth bridge such as 4iiii heart rate monitor or CABLE to connect your ANT+ devices to the Apple TV.

How can I download Zwift on Apple TV?
Turn on your Apple TV, go to the App Store and search for Zwift. Click on Download. The app is free to download but you need to be a Zwift member.
What do I need to connect Apple TV to my big screen TV?
A high-speed HDMI cable is all you need to connect Apple TV to your TV. Apple TV doesn’t come with one so you need to provide your own.
Do I need to have a 4k TV to use Apple TV 4k?
No, you don’t need a 4K TV to run Apple TV 4K. Apple TV 4K will run on most TVs and will adjust video quality to give you the best picture resolution for your TV.
How much does it cost to use Zwift on Apple TV?
You need to be a Zwift subscriber to use Zwift on any device. It’s $15/month to use Zwift. The app itself is free to download.
The Zwift logo seems to take most of the screen on my Apple TV and can't see the login menu?
Check your TV screen settings. This is your TV picture size in most modern TV settings. On your TV remote control, look for P.Size button or something similar and set it to “Fit Screen”.

This was also a software bug that Zwift fixed in their latest update.


I am getting Apple TV is out of Bluetooth connections message when trying to pair my devices?
Apple TV supports a total of 3 Bluetooth connections. One of these is usually for the remote control so you are left with two additional connections.
Is it possible to connect more than two Bluetooth devices to Zwift on Apple TV?

Yes, it is possible to connect more than three. You can use one of the following methods:

  • If your trainer supports cadence, such as Tacx NEO, Elite Direto, or Elite Drivo, then you can pair it as a power source, cadence, and controllable trainer. This is considered one Bluetooth connection. So you should have one Bluetooth connection left that you can use to pair a heart-rate monitor for example.
  • Use a Bluetooth Bridge like 4iiii heart rate monitor or CABLE. You can pair additional devices such as heart rate, cadence sensor, powermeter, or footpod to the bridge. Then pair the bridge to Zwift. All will be transmitted as one Bluetooth connection to Apple TV.
  • Use Zwift Companion App to connect to your BLE heart-rate monitor, cadence, speed sensor, and/or powermeter
What is 4iiii or CABLE I keep hearing about?
4iiii heart rate monitor or CABLE are used to collect data from other ANT+ sensors, then transfer it via Bluetooth to your iOS or Android smartphone. These devices act as a bridge between your ANT+ sensors and Bluetooth devices.


Can I use ERG Mode in Zwift on Apple TV?
Yes, Zwift on Apple TV supports ERG mode. Make sure your smart trainer is paired as a Controllable Trainer and ERG mode is turned on.
Is it possible to turn on/off ERG mode?

Yes, you can control ERG mode and all workout functions using the Zwift Companion App. See this article explaining everything you need to know about using Zwift in ERG mode.

You can also toggle the ERG mode button using the Apple TV remote, swipe up and a menu will pop-up from the bottom of the screen. Select the ERG button to toggle ERG mode on or off.

How can I transfer my custom workout to Zwift on Apple TV?

You can either use the workout builder in Zwift or if you use TrainingPeaks, you can use its workout builder. Make sure you are connected to your TrainingPeaks accounts in Zwift. You can do that using the Zwift Companion App under Settings > Connections.


Is run mode available in Zwift on Apple TV?
Yes it is. Just like their PC version, or mobile app, you can select Run mode from the pairing screen menu. Pair your footpod and heart-rate monitor and start running.
What do I need to start using running mode in Zwift?
You need a treadmill, running shoes, and a footpod. The Milestone footpod is Bluetooth compatible and works with Zwift on Apple TV. You can also use Garmin footpod and pair it to an ANT+ to BLE bridge such as CABLE or 4iiii.

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