Zwift released an update to its app to fix minor issues with rare crashes and few bugs in the app. They have also added timers to the 3 powerups you can receive during the Alpe du Zwift climb. Now, you have to beat your previous times displayed on the side map to get these powerups. These times are based off some of your previous efforts, plus or minus a random amount of time.

Zwift also promised a larger feature update in their next update. No mention of timing but I expect to see it in the next few weeks.

This update is available today on your Mac or PC. Apple TV and iOS update will be pushed in the next few days.

Other changes include:

  • Fixed message bug where they often wouldn’t show on screen
  • Fixed issue that caused us to disable ‘late joining’ events that take place on Alpe du Zwift
  • Fixed jerseys in events not always being the correct jersey
  • Fixed u-turns breaking the segment timer on Alpe du Zwift
  • Added anti-aliasing to Korean and Chinese fonts and updated text
  • Fixed a few rare crashes
  • Fixed bug where certain workouts (like Hunters Challenge) wouldn’t transfer to Zwift Companion properly
  • Fixed several combinations of events configurations that were previously off limits
  • Various graphics changes

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