• Extraordinary build quality
  • Light weight and easy to move
  • Great ride feel
  • Opotional add-ons
  • Bluetooth FTMS and ANT+ FEC compatible


  • Expensive
  • Add-ons are expensive
  • Load issues in low speeds
  • Requires assembly

TruTrainer rollers are known for their extraordinary build quality and ultra-smooth ride.As soon as you open the box, you will see and feel the high quality build, the gold accent color on the rollers and how smooth they feel.

TruTrainer have two versions of this rollers, the classic one, which is their basic version. And the smart load verison, which makes the rollers smart. It measures power and broadcast in ANT+ and Bluetooth. It interacts with smart cycling apps like Zwift and TrainerRoad. You can ride it to simulate real courses with any app that support ANT+ FE-C or Bluetooth FTMS. Or you can ride it in ERG mode for structured interval training.

Similar to other reviews I’ve done, this is a video review so head over to the YouTube channel or click on the play button on the top image to start watching. Enjoy!


  • PRICE: $1,699
  • DESIGN: Three rollers design with side rails made from aluminum with anti-skid rubber. A carrying handle to make it easy to move the rollers and fold for easy storage.
  • MAXIMUM SLOPE: uknown
  • ACCURACY:  uknown
  • Bike Measurment: Accommodate wheelbases from 37.2 inches to 43.2 inches, in ½ inch increments.
  • CONNECTIONS: Bluetooth FTMS (power, speed, cadence). ANT+ FE-C (power, speed, cadence).
  • FLYWHEEL: unknown
  • METRICS: Transmits power and speed.

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