TrainerDay – previously known as – released a new cycling app. TrainerDay is a big library of user-contributed workouts. They currently have over 10,000 workouts that you can pick from. However, up until now, there was no way to execute these workouts without using a third-party app like Zwift. The new TrainerDay app changed that and now you have the ability to quickly pair a compatible smart trainer and execute these workouts.

The TrainerDay app is compatible with most trainers that support Bluetooth FTMS and currently available for only iOS. I ran through its main features in the video above so make sure to watch it. But here is a quick rundown of TrainerDay’s main features:


  • Ability to quickly toggle ERG mode and Resistance Mode.
  • Ability to default the startup page on the warmup screen for time-crunched athletes.
  • Ability to quickly swap workouts or change to Free-Ride. You can also change the intensity at any time.
  • Pick workouts from favorites, TrainerDay training plans, or your own custom created workout. TrainerDay offers many cycling training plans as well. Set your training plan on the site and it will be available in the app.
  • Auto-extend cool down: Once enabled, the app will auto-extend your cool down for 5 minutes if you don’t stop pedaling. So you can keep riding forever if that’s something you like to do.

TrainerDay offers a free and paid subscription. The free version is a slim down version. You get access to 20 free workouts and that’s about it.  However you won’t be able to automatically sync your workouts to Strava or Dropbox and you won’t have access to their big library of workouts.

However, all the ERG functionalities in the app will work in the free version. But to get the best out of TrainerDay and all their workouts, paying a subscription is probably the way to go. And their Subscription costs $50 per year. That’s about $4 per month.

TrainerDay is simple to use with some very interesting features and more to come down the line. This is version one of the app so it might be missing some basic functionalities like skipping through intervals, Training Peaks syncing, and many others. But they are working on adding additional features down the line such as interval comments, RPM target, and an Android version that you will see coming soon.

So give them a try. Download it and let me know what you think.

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