Tacx is truly pushing the boundaries in the smart bike trainer market. During Euro Bike, Tacx introduced the ultimate training machine, the Tacx Magnum.

The Magnum looks like a treadmill and you can use it as such. However, you can also mount your bike on it and ride. The Magnum is fully Bluetooth FE-C and ANT+ compatible so you can ride simulated courses with up to a 20 percent slope, whether riding or running.

Sensors on the side of the belt monitor your speed and the belt will adjust instantaneously to every minor change in speed. If you speedup and push too far forward, it will increase resistance and put you back in position. If you suddenly stop, it will stop instantly so you don’t fall backward.


The trainer can do a maximum incline of 15% and simulates every climb as you would experience it outdoors.

Both running and riding are very realistic. The bottom of the Magnum was designed to slightly dent when your foot lands on it, but is stiff as concrete while cycling. A foam core is placed in between two aluminium plates, a construction that allows for a little bit of flex in point pressure but is stiff with a larger continuous surface as a tyre.

The Magnum includes a 32” screen displaying the Tacx Cycling app, enabling you to ride famous mountains from all over the globe. When manual control is preferred, the control panel enables you to set the incline and speed manually. Due to its open Smart technology; the ANT+ FE-C protocol, the treadmill can also be controlled by any third party app. Popular training software such as Zwift or Trainerroad are fully compatible with the Magnum.

As of now, the Magnum is only available in select countries (Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom) and if you have €7,000 to spend, Tacx will deliver it right to your door and install by a certified technician.


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