Yes, you read that right. The Sufferfest now offers virtual racing and eSport specific training plans.

Virtual bike racing is real so why not train specifically for it and be in the best possible shape? All training plans you find today are designed specifically to prepare you for outdoor events.

The new eSport training plans are designed to prepare athletes for the demands of virtual racing / eSports. They are available for a variety of event durations, including sub-20 minute races, events lasting 20-50 minutes and races lasting an hour or longer.

The demands of virtual racing are very different from those of real-world disciplines. If you want to be successful in cycling eSports, you need to train differently,” said Mac Cassin, Chief Cycling Physiologist with The Sufferfest Sports Science Division. “Plans designed for road-racing events just aren’t as effective in preparing athletes for the multiple surges and sustained efforts that characterize racing in virtual worlds.” 

Virtual racing tends to be short and punchy and they are very much “surge-steady-surge-steady-sprint.

These plans place less emphasis on long, steady state efforts and more focus on going above threshold, then quickly recovering at or slightly below threshold. Similar to cyclocross or criterium where you need to develop your ability to generate high watts for short periods, recover, and repeat over and over and over again.

The plans are 12-weeks long and require an average of five-and-a-half hours a week on the bike and give you the option to substitute the occasional workout for online races.

The sub-20 minute and 20-50 minute duration plans are based on a 2:1 periodization, with two weeks on followed by a rest week. The 60+minute plans follow a 3:1 structure with three weeks on followed by a week off. All of the plans are designed to get you ready for a target race that is 12 weeks away. 

These plans are available with your subscription to The Sufferfest. They can be added to TrainingPeaks or Final Surge (coming soon).

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