SMARTCap: Elite DRIVO II, Bkool Reintroduces the Bkool Smart Air, Map Choice Coming to Zwift and more

Don’t miss the CleverTraining 20% off deal. This is one of the best deals you will get on a smart bike trainer. If you are waiting for a Black Friday deal on a smart trainer, it might not be as good as this one unless you are looking for an older model. This deal is also good on most other fitness devices so gear up. You need to be a VIP member to get the discount. Lifetime membership is $10. This deal will expire on the 17th of November.

Also, REI is having their annual member 20% one full priced item. This is another good one if you are looking for a smart trainer or anything sport related. This deal is good until the 19th of November.

Also, the SMART Tracker will continue to monitor the best prices on bike trainers so make sure to bookmark that page.


  • Hands-On Review: Elite Drivo II Smart Bike Trainer
    Elite updated the DRIVO last summer and dropped the price from $1,300 to $1,200. That’s in line with other high-end trainers. From all the trainers’ updates we’ve seen this year, the Drivo saw the biggest changes, at least from the outside so you can actually tell this is a new DRIVO 2.
  • VIDEO: ELITE DRIVO Noise Test and Full Hands-On Review
    In this video, I talked about the changes in the new DRIVO II, accuracy, and you can listen to how the trainer sounds at different speeds.
  • Bkool Reintroduces the Bkool Smart Air Direct Drive Trainer
    Bkool showed off the Bkool Smart Air direct drive trainer last year. They had a pre-production model at Interbike but since then we haven’t heard anything from Bkool about the Smart Air. One year later, Bkool is bringing the Smart Air direct drive trainer back with its unique design, side-to-side rocking, and infrared sensors for power accuracy.
  • Zwift Teases Level 26 Along With Their Price Increase
    If you have been paying $10 for Zwift, get ready to start paying $15 per month in your next billing cycle.


  • Where is map choice? Jon Mayfield, published a full-length article answering the biggest question Zwifters have been asking: When will Zwift implement a map choice?
  • Watteam to suspend production of the POWERBEAT power meter.  The company decided to focus on looking for a strategic partner to carry their low-cost power meter concept forward.

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