Rouvy, the online cycling platform acquired UK-based CycleRecon last July. CycleRecon is a video recording business specializing in the creation and distribution of cycling HD videos.

As cyclists head indoors during the winter months, Rouvy released 15 famous UK climbs from the assets of CycleRecon. Recording of the series initially took its inspiration from the book, ​100 Greatest Cycling Climbs: A Road Cyclist’s Guide to Britain’s Hills (by Simon Warren). All 15 routes are now available in AR across all apps including MacOS and Apple TV. Official Group Rides and Online Racing are also available across all apps.

Here is the complete list of the first released series:

  • Cheddar Gorge​ (distance 3.37 mi., avg. grade 5%)
  • Yorks Hill (distance​ 1.78 mi., avg. grade 5%)
  • The Road to Hell​ (distance 7.91 mi.,avg. grade 4%)
  • Steyning Bostal​ (distance 2.4 mi., avg. grade 4%)
  • Horseshoe Pass​ (distance 4.18 mi., avg. grade 5%)
  • Exmoor Forest​ (distance 4.88 mi., avg. grade 6%)
  • Haytor Vale​ (distance 4.6 mi., avg. grade 5%)
  • Rundlestone​ (distance 6.15 mi., avg. grade 4%)
  • Mennock Pass​ (distance 7.37 mi., avg. grade 4%)
  • Ffordd Penllech​ (distance 2.31 mi., avg. grade 2%)
  • Mott Street​ (distance 2.12 mi., avg. grade 3%)
  • Bealach-na-Ba​ (distance 5.91 mi., avg. grade 7%)
  • Toys Hill​ (distance 2.02 mi., avg. grade 6%)
  • Salcombe Hill​ (distance 1.24 mi., avg. grade 8%)
  • Widecombe​ (distance 2.44 mi., avg. grade 5%)
  • Penbarra​ (distance 1.58 mi., avg. grade 10%

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