ROUVY adds 360° dimension to virtual racing with OmniMode, using real-life video routes. OmniMode is the next generation of the ROUVY indoor cycling app, providing the rider with improved features and a 360° range of views to create an even more immersive cycling experience.


  • Rear camera view.
  • Whip-pan camera view.
  • Improved elevation profile.
  • Extended course visibility (Using OmniMode, the rider can now see other riders/avatars and overlaid 3D objects at a much further distance.)
  • Avatars’ movement in turns.
  • Real hiding and visibility of avatars through the static objects (no more disappearing of riders before turns or static objects, and visible through rocks and trees.)
  • Better Camera position and avatar behavior in group rides.

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  • I would like a way to swivel my “head” left and right to look at the scenery. It woukd be nice to have it wirk while pushing a virtual button and when you let go it snaps back to the front view.