Labor Day Smart Bike Trainers Sale

Labor Day in the U.S. might not be known for good deals on smart bike trainers. If you are looking for a KICKR 2018, KICKR CORE, or a KICKR CLIMB, then you need to either wait or pay full price. These trainers are just getting into the market and finding a good deal on one might be asking for too much too soon.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t find a good deal on trainers that were really good just a few months ago. The next big sale on smart trainers won’t be until around Black Friday. If you can’t wait few months, the following trainers are currently on sale:

Wahoo KICKR 2017 – $1,200 $999.99

Not much has changed with the new KICKR 2018 model other than a quieter noise and a heavier flywheel. But if you are ok with some noise (you can listen to it in this video), this one is a very good trainer. It’s CLIMB compatible and just as accurate as the 2018 model.

Tacx NEO – $1,599 $1,350

Other than few firmware updates, Tacx NEO hasn’t seen a major update for the past two years and it’s still the most advanced smart bike trainer in the market. The NEO has one of the best power accuracies, doesn’t need calibration, doesn’t need to be plugged into power for most functions to work, offers cadence measurement and pedal analysis, and Isotonic and Isokinetic modes. Basically, there is nothing this trainer can’t do. And it’s very quiet.

Elite Direto – $899 $799

If you want to stay below $1000 and get a direct drive trainer, the Elite Direto is a very good trainer to have. It’s accurate and just work. You might not get the same level of grade simulation or top power, but you won’t even know. This trainer will give you everything you need at a good price.

Elite Drivo – $1,300 $1,100

The Elite Drivo doesn’t get a lot of love in the United States and I was critical of the design in my early review when it first came out. But since then, the company fixed all issues with the casing and it’s a very solid trainer for the price. It’s quiet, very accurate, and doesn’t require calibration.

CycleOps Hammer – $1,200 $1,000

Cycleops dropped the price of the Hammer to make room for their new Hammer 2 or H2 trainer (not on sale yet). The Hammer got some rave reviews when it first came out and something about its industrial design and the black and yellow colors that makes me want to always use it.

CycleOps Magnus – $599 $550

If a wheel-on trainer is what you are after, the Magnus is a good trainer that will give you plenty of resistance and a decent road feel. But if you are willing to spend $50 more, you can get the Wahoo SNAP which in my opinion is the best wheel-on trainer currently in the market.

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