Wahoo, the leading virtual cycling platform, has introduced steering functionality to its popular virtual training app, Wahoo RGT, and along with it, the brand new KICKR Steer. This new feature provides users with a more realistic and immersive ride experience, and it’s sure to add a whole new level of strategy and engagement to virtual rides and races.

How to Control Steering in RGT

There are multiple ways to control steering in RGT:

  • KICKR Bike: by using the integrated thumb buttons on the shifter of a KICKR bike to steer right and left.
  • Wahoo RGT Screen app, This requires opening the app and tapping on the steering option to access the steering controls.
  • Keyboard: You can use the A and D buttons on your keyboard to steer left and right.
  • Wahoo RGT APP UI: You can use your mouse on a Mac or PC, or tapping on the screen on your tablet and using the on screen controls to steer right to left.
  • The KICKR Steer + RGT Screen App provides an even more immersive experience, allowing you to steer your avatar left and right by tilting the tray using the thumb paddles.

The KICKR Steer

The KICKR Steer is a tray with a base that tilts side to side, and it comes with two thumb paddles and a mount using the included aluminum bike computer mount, as well as a garmin and a gopro mount. The KICKR Steer is easily installed onto your bike using the computer mount included. The thumb paddles can be adjusted to your comfort using the included allen key wrenches. Simply place your phone on the KICKR Steer and turn on the RGT Remote app, and you’re ready to go.

New Dynamic to Virtual Racing

Steering in RGT will add a whole new dynamic to virtual racing and group rides. You’ll be able to maneuver to block other riders from passing you, or you’ll have to steer around them if they block you. And don’t worry, there’s an auto-avoidance feature built in, so if you haven’t steered in 2+ minutes, the game will automatically steer you around the rider in front of you after a few seconds. Steering is available for all events, including group rides and races.

Compatibility and Price

At this time, steering in RGT is only compatible with the KICKR Bike, and RGT Screen app. There are no plans to add compatibility with other devices at this time. The KICKR Steer is priced at $99.99 (currently on sale for $49.99), and you can also get the Wahoo X and KICKR Steer bundle for $199.99, saving you $49 with the bundled offer. If you’re already a Wahoo X subscriber, the STEER accessory will be available at a preferential loyalty price for a limited time.


The new steering functionality in Wahoo RGT and the KICKR Steer accessory are sure to provide users with a more immersive and realistic ride experience. Whether you’re participating in a virtual race or a group ride, steering will add a whole new dynamic to your virtual cycling experience. As for the KICKR Steer, I think it’s a clever little device and works very well for its intended use. But personally, I am just not a fan of using my phone while riding but that’s a personal thing – maybe I will work on it. I do wish the KIKCR Steer itself had the steering capabilities built in rather than having to rely on my phone for that.

What do you think of the RGT Steering and the KICKR Steer?

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