Zwifters and Strava fanatics are in for a treat with the latest integration between Zwift and Strava! Zwift has teamed up with Strava, to bring a new level of excitement to the virtual sports community.

With the latest Zwift update, Zwifters can attach 15-second video clips to their virtual Zwift activities uploaded to Strava, making it the first Strava partner to utilize the video API since its launch in June 2022. This integration allows Zwifters to elevate their Strava experience by sharing their favorite moments from their rides, runs, or races on the platform. Whether it’s you unlocking the iron bike or a crucial moment in a race, zwifters can now easily capture and share their virtual riding memories with the world.


There are two ways to capture a video on Zwift. Firstly, video will automatically record when notable moments occur in the game, such as winning a segment jersey or hitting a weekly fitness goal.

Secondly, users can manually trigger a video by clicking the video icon on the action bar on their desktop interface. The really cool part is the manually triggered option is “retroactive”, meaning it will capture the previous 15 seconds of activity, so there’s no need to guess when something exciting is about to happen or try to start recording before launching a sprint!

Zwifters can capture multiple videos in a single ride and choose which one to upload to Strava. All videos, whether uploaded or not, will be downloaded to the user’s device and can be deleted if desired.

And when you go to Strava, you should find the shot video uploaded there too. It took a few minutes for my short test ride to appear but it did eventually show up.

This new feature is currently available on iOS and MacOS devices, with TVOS, Windows, Android, and other devices to follow shortly.

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