In ERG mode, you can set your target watts and the trainer adjusts resistance to keep you at your target watts regardless of your speed, cadence or gear selection. The gear you select can have an effect on how the trainer respond to your cadence, noise, and the trainer flywheel speed. The bigger gear combination you select the faster the flywheel speed.

A big gear can be achieved by combining the largest front chainring with the smallest rear cog. Think of the gear you select when riding or descending a hill at a high speed. A small gear is basically the opposite. It’s the combination of the smallest front chainring with the biggest rear cog. Think of the gear combination you use when climbing a steep hill.

For the past few weeks, I put two different trainers to test and ran them through a variety of different workouts. The below workout, is the one I repeated multiple times. The workout consists of 3×10 minutes intervals (Workout file) with three minutes of recovery in between each interval.



For all the details and my take you will have to watch the video above, but here are the results:


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