CABLE Released a New Firmware and App Update

North Pole Engineering, the company behind CABLE released a firmware update and updated their CABLE Config iOS app with some improvements and fixes.

CABLE improvements and fixes:

  • Reduces time to configure CABLE
  • Fixes issue where CABLE config app would get stuck in a loop trying to Fetch the sensors
  • Corrects unit conversion issue with FTMS Service
  • Improves reliability when 5 sensors are being tracked

CABLE Config iOS Application improvements and fixes

  • Enhancements to sensor data display
  • Reduced load time for fetching sensors
  • Enhanced BLE service selection screen

You can update the firmware by first downloading the CABLE config app from the iOS app store. Make sure your CABLE is away and not within range from your CABLE device. This will ensure the CABLE firmware update process completes successfully.

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