Many triathletes incorporate brick workouts into their training to get used to running on tired legs. Some incorporate it as a time saver. After a bike ride, you are already in your workout clothes and sweaty – so why not just put on your running shoes and get that run workout done with.

With Zwift latest update, you can now finish your bike ride, and start running without having to exist Zwift. But Zwift didn’t make that option clear to everyone so here is how you do it.


  • Ride your bike like you normally do
  • Once you are done riding, DON’T End your ride. Basically, don’t press the End button.
  • Go to the pairing screen (press the A key on your keyboard) or menu button > pairing
  • Switch to Running mode and pair your footpod
  • Hit Back and start running

Once you are done running, just end your run like you normally do and Zwift will save your workout as two different activities.

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