Zwift today released their biggest expansion yet: Alpe du Zwift, an exact replica of the iconic Alp d’Huez. Zwift has been teasing users with tweets and social media posts about this big expansion for weeks. Now it’s finally here and you get to try it and feel the burn from your own pain cave.

I had a chance to jump on my trainer this morning and go for a spin up this mountain and try it out. First, I had to update both apps: Zwift on Apple TV, and Zwift Companion App. By the way, Zwift on Apple TV is now around 800mb in size. It was around 600mb when it was first released last year so depending on your Internet provider, make sure you give it some time to download.

But before we head over to Alpe du Zwift, let’s talk about other notable changes that you might have missed:

  • Custom Workout Button: You can now view the workout selection screen after you start a ride or a workout in iOS. Simply click on Menu during your ride, and you will see a new workout button.
  • Toggle For Workout Darkening Effect: Now you have the option to turn off the darkening effect that you see toward the end of harder intervals.
  • Routes can now be sorted by length or name.
  • Prudential Ride London workout plans added.
  • Spring mission added.
  • User feedback screen added which will very occasionally pop up at the end of a Zwift session. We will use the information to help us continuously improve our service.
  • Chinese and Spanish language support added.
  • Bowflex BXT116 Bluetooth treadmill support added.
  • Event results screen should no longer include your own result multiple times.


Zwift created this route to exactly match Alp d’Huez even with the 21 turns. However, this climb takes place on Zwift’s virtual island rather than France. Watopia and France are the same anyway, right?

You can select the Alpe du Zwift route from the route selector after you login to your Zwift account and pair all your devices. The following routes will take you up the climb but the Road to Sky is the shortest one:

  • Road to Sky: This is the most direct way to the climb. It’s 12.4 miles long and 3,752 ft elevation.
  • Tour of Fire and Ice: This route starts from the Volcano and head toward the top of Alpe du Zwift. It’s 15.6 miles long and 3,827 ft elevation.
  • Four Horseman: If you got nothing else to do and feel like punishing yourself, this route is for you. It will take you up the four major climbs on Watopia.  It’s 55.5 miles long and 6,929 elevation gain.


To enter the Aple du Zwift, you have to be level 12 or above. Zwift started limiting some of their new routes since they added the Jungle route. Watopia is the only world in Zwift where they have these restrictions. However, just like the jungle route, you can still ride the Aple du Zwift if you join a group ride. They have a bunch of them starting April 1st.

You can view and join these events using the Zwift Companion app.


The climb was long and relentless. Zwift spent a lot of time building this route. It starts at the bottom of the Jungle circuit. You will also notice a new map in place of the leaderboard on the right showing your location, gradient, and the number of stars collected. You earn a star for each turn for a total of 22 stars.

Once you reach the top of the climb, a prize wheel pops up and spin landing on items like gloves, helmets, etc. Mine landed on the Lazer Bullet Helmet. I never wear a helmet in Zwift but maybe I will try it out!!!


Zwift will also be releasing additional updates in the coming days to add a couple of more things to the Alpe du Zwift climb as well as polish some of the rough edges. They are also working on another sizable “feature update” that we will hear more about in the coming weeks.

For now, enjoy Alpe du Zwift and thanks for reading!

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