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Zwift Adds Multi-Sport Plan And FTMS Spindown Support In Latest Update

Zwift released a minor update (1.0.36881) to Zwift app on May 31st with a lot of little features and bug fixes. The update includes support for FTMS calibration, a multi-sport training plan for triathletes, a new Watopia route, and the long lost burrito is back.


This one will impact anyone with an FTMS Bluetooth smart bike trainer such as Elite’s smart trainers, Tacx Flux S or 2, Minoura Kagura, Kinetic Smart or R1, and any other trainer that connects to Zwift using Bluetooth FTMS protocol.

Before this update, calibrating your smart trainer was only available within Zwift if you connect to Zwift using ANT+ FE-C. While Bluetooth calibration was only available for a limited number of trainers such as Wahoo KICKR or SNAP, it was not available for other smart trainers. I tested it with the Tacx Flux 2 as you see in the screenshot above and you could see the wrench icon.


Since Zwift released their training plans, it lacked a plan for multisport athletes. This new plan is designed for short-course triathletes. It’s also good for off-season work for long distance athletes. The plan includes cycling and running workouts only.


  • The “Burrito” powerup is back. The burrito powerup has been missing since Zwift’s beta days. When you earn it and use it, it will make you undraftable for 10 seconds.
  • Added a new “WAISTBAND” Watopia route. This new route is currently an event only route.
  • New bike frames from Felt were added to the drop shop.
  • Added new running and cycling kits.
  • Ability to “trash” your powerup. If you earn a powerup icon, you have the option now to trash it to give you the opportunity to earn a different one.

If you don’t see any of these features, you might need to manually force the update on your device.

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