Many smart bike trainer companies claim their bike trainer is the quietest in the market. CycleOps claims their H2 bike trainer is “is library-level quiet”. Elite also claims their DRIVO II is very quiet and “You won’t hear any noise while pedaling, just you and your bike chain.”


In my opinion, the quietest bike trainers in the market today and I think most will agree on this unless there is a trainer out there that went under the radar and I didn’t test are:

The Tacx NEO or NEO 2, Wahoo KICKR 2018 or KICKR CORE and STAC Halcyon.

A viewer left a comment or a question on the Stac Zero Halcyon video review I did last Fall questioning why the STAC Zero is referred to as the quietest trainer in the market?

In an attempt to answer his question, I put all three bike trainers against each other and measured the sound from each trainer to find the winner.

In the video below, you can listen to the noise from each trainer and decide for yourself which trainer is the quietest. Also, I will share the decibel measurement data from each trainer and there will be one clear winner.

Here is the video:

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  • I think the point is that by the time you throw a fan (or 2) into the mix, they are all quiet trainers.

  • Thanks. This was great and is why I bought the STAC Halycon. Now the problem is my crazy loud breathing that occurs during and following MAX effort intervals. I live in a 24 hour quiet hour dorm and need a solution.

    Request a comparison of different masks that one could use to help muffle down crazy gasps for air while trying to do awesome interval workouts on the quiet… shhh.

    Ideas: something like:
    – the “WHPH Biggzzia” training mask which has a “silent mode”.
    – one or two different kinds of 3M respirator masks (maybe the 7500 model)
    – maybe a CPAP machine that covers nose and mouth.

    Request max power over one minute interval with sound recording for the one minute and additional minute following the interval. take a break, switch masks and repeat. state how easy it felt to breath in each mask & their comfort and show the power that you were able to produce. also do a run with out a mask for comparison sake.

    If you want to complete the total noise system, then also pick a couple different “quiet” chain lubes and do a comparison (would probably need to get 4 or 5 new chains of the same kind to try this out with 4 or 5 different chain lubes).