Updated 7/10/2017 with SNAP availability

Something has been cooking at Wahoo Fitness for the past few weeks. The KICKR SNAP has been out of stock for a while now. Finally, we were able to spot the new 2017 version of their wheel-on smart trainer with some new updated features.

The New KICKR SNAP or KICKR SNAP 2017 basically look the same as the old one but with some minor updates. The KICKR SNAP now includes LED lights for connection status, third party power meter support, and the power measurement is now accurate up to +/-3% down from +/-5%. For comparison, Wahoo’s KICKR is +/-2% accurate.

Outside of that, everything else seems to be the same as the old one.

The New KICKR SNAP is available now to order and priced at $599. That’s the same price as the old one.



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