The Saris MP1 motion platform or movement platform is a new type of rocking platform that you place your bike trainer on and allows for a side to side rocking motion. Aside from the side-to-side rocking motion, it also has a fore-aft movement. The idea behind these rocking platforms is to give you a more realistic feel and increase comfort during those longer rides.

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  • good write up/video on the MP1. I really do like it when you give it thought and understanding of what it is, what it is solving and who it is for. Just a quick comment on your thoughts on price. You said “how do these companies come up with the price?, A) market research to see what people will pay, or B) throw something out there to see if it sticks. In this case, it is more like C, develop something to solve a problem, make it with the materials and parts that it needs to last and provide the best experience over time, and then when the job is done, see where we are at in regards to price. Sometimes this is the only way to R&D something that does not exist in the market. We, along with a lot of other companies such want to produce an innovative product that is solving a big problem. The price is steep, I agree, but we tried hard to make a product that can adapt to your already existing trainer and provide you with a more realistic outdoor riding experience that does not leave you fatigued over longs rides like other static indoor trainers do. You also said, it doesn’t seem that hard or seems like something you could make yourself. Actually, this product has been very hard in terms of testing to make sure it that will not wear out over time, not make noise and provide a smooth (non-stiction) ride. I think as we develop the first MP1, we will get better at it, and the price will eventually come down. Again, i’m only trying to add-in a comment to your review to shed some light on some of the concerns. Thank you for taking the time to do the video and I hope you get to ride it soon! Thanks!