Elite today introduced the all-new RIZER, an indoor-grade simulator. The RIZER is the latest addition to Elite’s ecosystem but with a few tricks up its sleeve. The new RIZER not only simulates inclines and declines but also supports steering as well.

Similar to the Wahoo CLIMB, the RIZER adjusts gradients by communicating directly with your smart trainer. According to Elite, the RIZER is only compatible with the Elite Direto XR and Direto XR-T, Suito and Suito-T, and TUO trainers. Compatibility with other bike trainers is possible but Elite is leaving it for other trainers to come out and say that. Basically, you need to have two things to happen for the RIZER to work with your trainer.

  • ANT+ FE-C support. Most trainers already offer that.
  • Rear-axle support. Basically, the trainer needs to allow for free vertical movement from the rear axle. Most trainers don’t. Even Elite’s older trainers don’t. This basically leaves you with the KICKR 2017 and newer models, Kickr Core, and Wahoo SNAP.


  • Maximum grades: Ascend up to: 20% Descend down to: -10%
  • Trainer Compatibility: Direto XR, Direto XR-T, Suito, Suito-T, Tuo.
  • Size: 728x345x387 mm (H x W x L) 28.” x 13.5” x 15.2”
  • Included adapters: QR, 12×100, 15×100, 15×110.
  • Bike Compatibility: Compatible with bikes with rim or disc brakes and 12mm thru-axle bikes.
  • Firmware updates: Yes
  • Max load: 120 kg (264.5 pounds)
  • Price: $1099.99

The RIZER features a modern aluminum structure connected to a platform made from steel and aluminum alloy.

The RIZER works wirelessly by pairing directly to your bike trainer. As you ride in sim mode, the RIZER will adjust the inclines and declines to simulate the terrain you are riding on based on the resistance information it receives from your bike trainer. The RIZER can simulate inclines up to 20% and descends up to -10%.

You can also set the RIZER to manual mode and control the gradient by using the keypad on the RIZER’s top section.

Elite also made a new dedicated app called the RIZER to configure and control the RIZER. The app is available for iOS and Android devices. You won’t need the app to use the RIZER simulator but it will offer functionalities to update the firmware and configure the RIZER.


The RIZER allows you to also freely steer and move the handlebar as you move up and down for a more realistic feeling. You can also pair it to a cycling app like Zwift as a steering device to steer your avatar similar to the Sterzo device.


The RIZER retails for $1099.99 in the U.S. and will be available in the United States in the Fall of 2021.

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