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Zwift Updates Mobile Link App with Maps and New Messaging Feature

Zwift refreshed its logo with a fatter Z and refreshed the look of their home page. But the big update today was done to their mobile link app which desperately needed an update. The new mobile app, which is the remote control you use to control some aspect of the game–now shows you where all your friends are on a map.

The new Zwift Mobile Link 2.1 now has an interactive map showing your location, whos around you. Your Zwift friends can be easily identified now with an icon and you can chat them up if you want to or just simply give them a “Ride On”. You can pinch to zoom in/out of the map and make turn decisions in advance from a better vantage point.


The chat app got a whole lot better and looks more like a regular messaging app. You can tap the chat icon to chat with anyone close to you or send a direct message to a Zwift friend.  History of messages are stored and you can bounce between several threads.

Zwift also made some updates to their main app. One notable feature is the ability to see realtime placing during a race.  This means you’ll know roughly where you stand in the group during a ride.  Soon after a race starts Zwift will display the name of the event, along with your current rank within the group at the top of the Riders Nearby panel on the right of your screen.  You will also be implemented to group workouts so you can see how you’re doing against your peers.

Additional updates worth mentioning: 

  • Enhancements to support early-access of workouts in events. You may see a workout symbol on some events.  Join one and let us know how it goes!
  • Added “Volcano Climb” route to Watopia, which is similar to our large flat loop but it takes you up the Volcano Climb right before the sprint to the finish.
  • DiamondBack mission added.  You can try out Andean TT bike this month to complete the mission.
  • Garmin Jersey added for users who pair their Garmin Connect account
  • Gradient display on minimap will now show a mini-preview of the terrain ahead
  • Minimap camera setting is now saved between sessions
  • Fixed issue with late-joining events that could cause people to be misrouted

You can download Zwift Mobile Link 2.1 app today on iOS or Android.

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