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Zwift Plans on Releasing a New Flat Course During the Tour Of Watopia

If you are tired of climbing all the hills in Zwift and looking for a flat course that is perfect for Time Trialing of just an easy spin, the Tempus Fugit might be what you need.

Zwift is teasing us with a new course during the Tour of Watopia. The tour consists of 7 stages and starts April 2nd and last until May 26th, with makeup days from May 27th until June 2nd.

Stage 5 is called Tempus Fugit, which is a Latin phrase usually translated into English as time flies. This stage is 11.2 miles long and has a total elevation of only 82ft.

We’re bringing a whole new climate to Zwift. A little bit of California here. A little bit of Arizona there. Some Utah. And a dash of Colorado. Shake well and serve. We can’t wait for you to ride it. Remember to stay hydrated and keep the dust out of your eyes.

Stage 5 is scheduled on May 6th. In the past, Zwift released new expansions few days before a scheduled tour. If the trend continues, then we should see this new course late April or early May.

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