Spring is around the corner but that doesn’t mean indoor bike trainer season is over. Training indoors has its benefits and REI is running is annual spring member-only sale and includes a lot of indoor bike trainers as well.

As in years past, REI’s member-only sale gives members the chance to save 20% on one full-price item and one REI Outlet item by using the code MEMBER20 during checkout. If you don’t have an REI membership, you can add the $30 one-time fee for a lifetime membership to your cart during checkout right before you enter the code.

REI Members Spring Sale will run starting today, March 18 through March 28.

Best bike trainer deals include…

WAHOO KICKR V5: Deal Price: $960, Original price: $1,200 | My Review

The KICKR 5 has been my go-to trainer since it was introduced a couple of years ago. The ride feel, accuracy, auto-calibration, multi-Bluetooth for trouble-free connection set this trainer apart from everyone else.

WAHOO KICKR CORE: Deal Price: $720, Original Price: $900 | My Review

The KICKR Core hasn’t seen an update in a while but that doesn’t mean it’s behind in technology. It’s still a solid pick and will give you all the features of its big brother such as multi-Bluetooth trouble-free connections, heavy flywheel, and superior ERG performance.

TACX NEO 2T: Deal Price: $1,120 Original Price: $1,400 | My Review

The Tacx NEO 2T is a smart trainer that is head of its competition. With its superior accuracy, auto calibration, quiet operation, and road feel simulation, and ridiculous power puts this trainer ahead of its time. The only issue I have with the NEO and all other trainers other than Wahoo is the single Bluetooth connection. But the NEO 2T is a solid pick and you will enjoy riding this trainer in ERG and sim mode.

SARIS H3: Deal Price: $880, Original Price: $1,100 | My Review

The Saris H3 is a beast of a trainer. It’s can simulate up to 20% inclines and maximum power of 2,000 watts. Saris improved the noise on the H3 so you don’t have to worry about waking anyone up when pushing those watts on those early mornings.

Other Bike Trainer Deals…

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