Zwift Went So Big In 2017

“Together we went big in 2017. So big. How big you ask?”

Zwift sent out an email to users with their stats for 2017. Alongside the individual stats, Zwift shared full-year in review from all its users. Zwift hardly ever shares any numbers so this was an interesting look inside its virtual world.

Zwift users logged over 122,140,586 miles (196,582,313 km) this year. That would get us to Mars and back. Twice.

What’s even more impressive is the amount of climbing Zwifters did. Zwifters averaged around 820 feet of climbing per ride, and Zwifters climbed over 6-billion feet or 5,981,511,355 to be exact.

5,981,511,355 ÷ 820 = 7,294,526 rides

Now that’s just a rough estimate and can be way off. One user can log double or triple that per ride. But also, taking a look at their miles logged per ride, that will also get us to about 7 million ride as well. Either way, their user base is increasing per day and is expected to grow more even with their recent price increase.

Some other interesting stats:

  • Zwifters produced 11,371,782,534 watt-hours. Enough to power LA for 17 days.
  • Zwifters in Ontario, Vienna, and Hamburg ride farther than Zwifters in any other city per ride
  • Zwifters in cycling-crazy Copenhagen produce more watts on average than Zwifters anywhere else.


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  • You guys realize that 820ft per ride means that’s 7.3m rides, not 7.3 million riders (could you imagine 7.3m riders but only 1000 people online at any given time).. but I guess I can’t fault you for that given that Zwift didn’t realize that 11 billion watt hours wouldn’t power LA for a day or that Ontario isn’t a city…..

    • You are correct. Those are the number of rides, not riders. That’s what happens when kids are off school and you try to type and look at some numbers. As for Zwift’s claims on number of watts to power LA or Ontario, I have nothing to do with that 🙂

      Thanks for bringing this to my attention!