Today, Zwift announced the release of its newest training feature, a substantial collection of flexible training plans for both running and cycling.

Zwift Training Plans, like Group Workouts, are designed by leading professional coaches and athletes. Training Plans are focused on helping Zwift users achieve specific goals, such as running a first marathon or completing the Prudential RideLondon 100. Plans vary in duration and intensity based on the training goal and a Zwifter’s available time and completed both on Zwift and out on the road.

You can access the plans by logging into Zwift first. At the Start screen, tap TRAINING to open the updated training window. You will see two tabs — one for general workouts, and a new tab listing the training plans. Each plan has a specific badge, color, and a plan overview.

Currently, there are nine cycling plans and three running plans. You can choose from a general fitness booster like the FTP Builder or train to run a Half Marathon. There are also event specific training plans, like the PRL100 and Fondo plans.

Tap VIEW PLAN and scroll to explore each one. You can also customize the duration of each plan from 5 to 8 weeks by moving the slider and plan end date will update accordingly.

When you enroll in a plan, Zwift will keep track of your progress.  You’ll have a specific range of time to complete each scheduled workout. When you finish a workout, your plan will slide and adjust your schedule to accommodate to keep you on target.

When you log into Zwift you will see today’s workout appear at the top of the Start screen. If you want to skip it and free ride or join an event, click ‘Clear.’

Zwift gives you the ability to skip a workout. This is useful if you decide to do a workout outside, Zwift event or a race instead.

Each plan has rest time incorporated into the plan as well to prevent you from overtraining. That doesn’t mean you can’t use Zwift. You still can ride and join a race if you wish and accumulate additional stress. Zwift is assuming you are smart and understand recovery is just as important as hitting your hard workouts.

Unfortunately, once you enroll in one plan, you can’t enroll in a different plan.


Training plans go beyond the game and are integrated with Zwift Companion too. You don’t need to log into Zwift to see your next workout. Just open Zwift Companion app on your phone, and you will see on the home screen when your next workout is or if one is about to expire.


Workout plans was one feature that was lacking in Zwift. This is a step in the right direction. Zwift still has a lot of work to do to make it as good as TrainerRoad’s workout plans for example.

Few things I would like to see added:

  • I would like to see plans geared towards triathletes from Sprint to Ironman.
  • The ability to select a cycling plan and running plan. Currently, you can only select one plan at a time.
  • Add a full marathon plan.
  • Ability to adjust plans based on fitness level. Not all athletes are the same. Maybe have beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

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