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  • Hi Tariq, some good points here especially want to connect everything through one connection. One advantage of a separate cadence sensor is the accuracy because when cadence is broadcasted it’s an estimate only. But I guess you answered that by saying that you don’t focus on cadence and it’s just nice to have the data.

    • That’s correct Damian. Looking at power files from other trainers that estimate cadence, they mostly do a very good job at it. Tacx Neo and Flux do it better than Elite Trainers and TechnoGym MyCycling comes with a cadence sensor built in. Usually, you see some variances when your pedal isn’t smooth or you make sudden changes to your cadence like when sprinting or going down a hill and there isn’t enough tension on the chain. But overall, they should be able to estimate it be within +/-1% of an actual cadence sensor.