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The Sufferfest Adds GCN Training To Their App

The Sufferfest partnered with GCN, the Global Cycling Network, to bring 6 of their popular workouts to The Sufferfest app. These workouts are presented by GCN’s Simon, Emma, James, Chris, and others.

Unlike the GCN workouts you’ve probably seen or done on YouTube, These workouts are tailored to your FTP and your 4DP power profile. Plus you take full advantage of your smart trainer’s ability to broadcast power and control resistance in ERG mode or level mode.

You can browse through the GCN workouts using The Sufferfest app. Currently only 6 workouts are available.

When you select a workout, you will see the full workout details along with the time spent in each of your 4DP power profile.

The videos are a combination of the GCN presenters guiding you through the session as well as sceneries from some of the roads in Europe.

Have you done the GCN workouts on YouTube before? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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