Tacx today, released a new firmware update for the Tacx NEO. The new update includes pedal stroke analysis which you can view using Tacx Desktop app that is currently in open beta and available for Windows only.

Pedal stroke analysis lets you view the efficiency of your pedal stroke throughout each revolution. This is great to see to measure the impact of your bike position, cleats, and mostly bike fit. It also shows you where you are losing force throughout the pedal stroke and help you perfect your pedalling technique and become a better cyclist.

The new update also addresses an issue with resistance mode getting stuck at a certain amount of resistance when switching apps.

Also, it addresses an issue with cadence, where the NEO suddenly double the cadence value or drop to zero. However, some users reported more issues with cadence on Zwift Apple TV after this update, so we will see how Tacx is going to address that.

You can update the firmware using Tacx Utility app for iOS or Android.

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  • Just updated and tried the Tacx beta app. The pedal analysis window is too small and still very buggy I would say. There is no left right power balance and the power value in the pedal analysis window is not reflecting the power shown in the main left cycling info window.