Today at Interbike, Kinomap introduced some new features to their Kinomap Trainer app. The highlight was their Strava video training segments implementation.

Following last year’s collaboration with Strava via Veloviewer, a total database match has been done between Strava segments and Kinomap videos. The result is a highly-qualified set of video chunks corresponding exactly to Strava segments. Users will be able to search for segments by name, ID, or by climb category.

Here is a look at all 28 segments in Central Park

Here is a deeper look at Tavern on the Green segment in Central Park


You can select a segment and option will popup to ride it. Once you click on ride, you will see yourself or a video on that segment and you can start riding.

You can also compare your result to real outdoor performances on the same road.

Wahoo Climb support will be added once Climb is launched which is expected to be around mid-November. Kinomap will adjust the grade on Climb up to +20% or descents up to -10%.

Bluetooth FTMS support or Fitness Machine Bluetooth Smart protocol. Some of the newer smart trainers now support the new Bluetooth standard.


Other features worth mentioning:

  • Improved map search for a specific video
  • Now you can see your progress in a playlist
  • Video makers have now the ability to promote their content: a user page with all their videos and statistics has been introduced, they can add creative design to their playlists, they can generate URL that will open their user page or a specific playlist from their social network, etc.

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